Monday, July 27, 2009

She is a mother

We spent good 3 hours with Danny on Sunday afternoon. We played board game and he played the guitar at the end. We were very happy for what he decided to do. Danny's smile gives DeNeece comfort and hope.

My husband had birthday last week. So, we planned and made a cake. The former president of Relief Society brought happen to bring us some great full course dinner that night. How blessed we are because of my mother-in-law!! Anyways, the fun part of the birthday party is cake and presents. It meant be a warm loving night. However, it turned out to be anxious worried night since my husband's little brother came back after 10:30 pm. He went to Young Men's activity and was supposed to be back around 8 or 9pm. I cannot describe how much DeNeece worried. She is a truly a mother.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birthday part 1

boba.jpg (150×104)

We started celebrating tomorrow's David's birthday tonight. We went to the Asian restaurant "CTR" where they sell David's favorite drink, boba juice! Boba juice is from Taiwan and we can easily get it in Hawaii, even in Laie. But, this CTR's boba juice is the best of ever we had! Even my mother-in-law who never had a boba juice loved it!
These are what we got;
DeNeece: Mango boba juice
Christian: Rose boba juice
David: Coconuts boba juice
Me: a sip of all
Then, we watched a movie.

Monday, July 20, 2009

FHE at the pouch

Today, Aunt Anna took DeNeece to the appointments also to see Danny. Danny got a permission to participate in the wilderness program, which I think made DeNeece's day.

At today's Family Home Evening, Trevor (David's friend) gave a lesson from Mosiah chapter 4. He talked about how we could all share love to each other, and then he started sharing one good thing about each one of us. How nice! In that, he mentioned the same thing that I was thinking about DeNeece.

She is brave.

She had all her health concerns including the cancer, plus family matters on top of that. But she is still DeNeece and going on.
Recently, I had witnessed a dramatic change in one missionary at the MTC. He was not willing to commit himself to speak Japanese and he was even upset when he was forced to. However, he decided that he won't make any excuses. Now, he is totally changed. He is the brightest missionary in the district. He has the biggest smile and he is no longer afraid of making mistakes. I see DeNeece as the similar example to the missionary. She seems to understand what she has to go through and have accepted it. So, even though she feels awful and nausea, she smiles (sometimes, it takes time to make her smile though). All in all, I truly appreciate this privilege to be here and also see the Tueller's circle of Love from lots of aunts and others.

P.S. Thanks Aunt Anna, for having us over last night. That was a great fun and I never knew about "funeral potato" if wasn't you.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A bunch

This is a bunch of pretty flowers brought by great neighbor, sister Jensen. She is a real sweet.
Today, my mother-in-law had a visit from her nephew Andrew, Kristen, Chloe, and Kingston. When asked "How are you doing?" her initial response was "GREAT! (with smile) ...... plus, yakky feelings with nausea, and real fartigue." Yes, she is great.
We also had a wonderful visit to Danny today. We talked and had good time together.
She finished the day with the aroma massage.
One confession that I have to make is that I took a bunch (actually, great 2) of pictures of visiters and Danny without memory card in the camera. So, sorry especially Andrew and Kristen that you don't see your pictures today but I will shoot you again on Sunday!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Party Wigs

We LOVE party wigs. They are so fun. We are showing off DeNeece's wigs to sister Margaret and Marie on skype. So, my mother-in-law is doing wonderful today. She woke up 3 am and could not go back to sleep till 7:30am. But, she slept whole day today and also Aunt Anna took her to get another shot and have some ice-cream. DeNeece says that did not hurt her like other times because she got a super kind nurse who injected the shot slowly. My husband marinated some stakes for dinner. Also, Christian came back exhausted from the all the fun he had at the Arabic camp. So, overall, it has been a good day for my mother-in-law!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chemo # 3

Report from the Chemo therapy today.
Well, my mother-in-law was doing super good today especially after the chemo. She was laughing, attending the support group, and she is sleeping so deep right now. We are delighted for her effort today despite waiting for 3 hours to see 2 doctors plus it took her 2 hours and 40 minutes for the infusion. Anyways, that was a long day.

Welcome the Truck

Monday was the last day for my father-in-law to be in the States. So, he and my mother-in-law cleaned up the garage to welcome the Truck. The truck is old but good. Good to entertain us to drive around with the stick. It will be one more thing for my mother-in-law to teach me.
P.S. We need to name the truck. If there are any cute name for the old truck, let us know.

Monckey's balloon

We all celebrated Monty's birthday at grandparents' place. The two new things for me were...
1. That was new to have doughnuts instead of birthday cake.
2. My father-in-law got a weirdest balloon that I cannot even google!

Friend's visit

It's always good to have friends and families around. That really makes my mother-in-law smile.

Independece Day!

July 4th, It was a clear beautify sky in Provo. We had a great time with families. Now, these three bold are my favorite!!

Birthday Present

Now, I decided to go to a new place for my birthdays. So, this year, I chose to travel to the Huntsman Institute to go through my mother-in-law's chemo therapy. We pretty much stayed a whole day there. I liked the puzzles and the lunch over there. We also had a birthday party afterwords. Can you see Booker trying to hit the balloon to practice for pinata breaking? Unfortunately, he got into the tragedy and the pinata was put off for the independent day event.


Being a Relief Society's president for 3 times, my mother-in-law is an expert of preparedness. She shaved her hair before she loses.


Finally, we started something in our little garden. It was a really hot morning. Off course, the biggest helper was Teichert who tried to clean the garden by eating dart!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cancer awareness at the bull ride

After my sister-in-law's negotiation, which I perceive is the skill that every Tueller has quite a bit, we got into the bull ride. Who can't deny to sell the last tickets to a mother who has a cancer with a daughter who has two little kids under 2 with a Japanese sister-in-law who knew about the bull ride just a night before through youtube?! On top of that, we all dressed PINK except one... who claimed his color was still "salmon color. Anyways, we enjoyed the show.

Jump on it!

This is a fantastic photo of my mother-in-law with her little grandson. Yellow is a happy color!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The first chemo therapy!

On June 16, my mother-in-law went to the first chemo therapy. She was very very worried as you can see. But she made it and continue her fighting toward the total victory.Add Image