Sunday, March 7, 2010

Last post (for a while)

Mom, we heard that you arrived at Cairo safely. I saw Margaret's blog and it seemed that you had great time with them. Well, you deserve it because you have suffered and fought this cancer long. So, congratulations!!

Nothing has changed here in Provo. Sassy was looking for you and sleeping on your bed for the first few days after you left, hoping that he might find you and be pet, but I guess he finally realized your absence and now he comes back to our bed.

One new thing, so to speak, is that we just discovered a new kitchen equipment at home(We found a mixer thing). Last night, we made a delicious pizza from scratch and David is excited to bake some cookies tonight.

We hope to see your big smile again when you come back.

We love you and enjoy the warm weather!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

One more day.

Can you believe this? My mother-in-law has only a day left here with us.

Tomorrow (=Monday) and she is gone.

Wow. It was quick. Well, it must had been very long days for Mom.

She looks good, proud, happy, and excited to go home.

She will be leaving on Tuesday morning to Arizona, Idaho, and then Cairo.

This picture was taken last week when Margaret and Clark came for a date...

Friday, February 12, 2010


Finally finally, mom received a clearance from State Department.

She is on the way back to Egypt in any time!

Congratulations mom!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Report: at least 2 people touch her hair and 5 people comment on her hair to be cute and curly when she goes church.

My internship exhausts me good each day. But, since I got out 30 minutes earlier, I feel somewhat alive.

This is what David purchased recently to contribute to MOM.

They turned out to be really cute. We like going to color me mine.
David uses his cup everyday.
Mom never used her coaster yet.

It snowed about 10 days ago. Since then, Provo is pretty blessed- no snow, warm sun shine.
So, David and I went for sliding.

Then, two Tuellers in Provo got sick.

Both recovered now.

Mom deep cleaned kitchen today.

She may be leaving here in couple weeks. So, we sang "America the Beautiful" as an opening hymn for the Family Home Evening last night.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Certificate of Merit

I wish you could all see how happy she looked holding this certificate of merit in completely-cancer-themed clothes. (Margaret's cancer T-shirt with pink pants, I love them!)

Last night, we went to Color Me Mine for Family Home Evening Activity by using the gift card that we gave to MOM for Christmas.

Then, we celebrated "Last-day Eve" for radiation therapy with her favorite ice cream. And we have already decided what kind of ice cream we will get on her last day of Provo, too.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Radiation Therapy

This is how Radiation Therapy is done.

A patient lay down under the gigantic machine.

Medical staff will adjust the point with the red ray.

Once radiation starts, all staff but the patient leave the room. (Those walls are made thick concrete.)

Monitor the patient while the machine goes around her.

Check the breast and shoot for the white space in the green graph by the radiation.

After radiation, the patient gets red skin but is happy for burned cancer cells.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

4 bowls of love

MOM has been cooking more since we started school/internship. Last Tuesday, she made delicious enchiladas but she had to pour the source and the enchiladas four times to find a pan, just right size. Last week, she had been gone a lot with her cousin and relatives on her side.

Tonight, Aunt Anna (always so sweet) invited all for pancake night. Aunt Rachel gave a lesson about scriptures and she suggested an activity, in which we picked a story/parable from the scriptures and did skit. I was bad thief with Aunt Rachel, Grandma was a dramatic poor Jews, grandpa was a good Samaritan, and David was a narrator (New Testament). MOM was Esther, Sam was Mordecai, Uncle Bernell was a king and Aunt Anna was Hyman (OT). And the Smith played Nephi's family (BOM). I loved how MOM(Esther) said "such a time as this" with clear and stunning voice.

It's always fun to get together.