Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Resurrection

With 85% of chance, I would say "New Year's resurrection" when it really means New Year's resolution. Especially after working at the MTC for 8 hours talking about plan of salvation, it was way easy for me to start Family Home Evening lesson by saying "Today, we are going to make New Year's Resurrection!" That entertained MOM and my husband.
But if you think about it, like if you think you were going to resurrect on the New Year's day, that would be cool. You probably don't even need to make any more resolutions.
Since we humbly partook the fact that we most likely won't be resurrected yet, we made resolutions. Then, we shared one thing that we think we need the most help with to accomplish.
Interestingly enough, everyone's challenge was goals to attain a physical well-being. So we swore that we would help each other. We are OHANA. (It means "family" in Hawaiian. Yes, we watched "Lilo and Stich" today.)

MOM cooked delicious chicken with sour cream with breadcrumbs.

We love holidays.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009



That's the word MOM used to describe the way up to SLC yesterday. There were 6 accidents and cars were going 30-40 miles/hour because you just could not see right in front of you due to the snow storm. Despite all those, she evidently made it to the appointment and came back alive.

We were so glad to see her smile as we came back home.

As you can tell from the picture, MOM and I hid ourselves in the dark and carried the project into action (Yes, we finally hang some presents at neighbors' doors).
We enjoyed it. We thought it was pretty fun and gained a little empathy for Santa.

Here is a little bit of Denver where my husband and I stayed for getting my new name (TUELLER) into my passport/vacation.

He fed a turtle.
Yes, a huge spider, which you can see in Indiana Johns, was alive and moved like a feather on my palm.
Downtown Denver was clean, cute, and kind to people (they had FREE shuttles every minute to get around in the downtown. I know, it's awesome, especially with this weather.)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ready for Christmas!

These are bunch of pictures from a few days ago.

Today, we are going to see nutcracker. This is a birthday present for MOM from us. We are excited!!

She just finished decorating a Christmas tree.

We finished taking Christmas family pictures.

On Thursday, MOM and I attended R.S. Christmas open house and had different kinds of soups and breads.

And this is nothing to do with Christmas but I thought it was cute.

David is pouring his favorite drink (expensive grape juice, $5.99) into a bowl.

and drinking it.... yes, it is a imitation of Japanese way of drinking sake.

Except the real bowl for sake is super tiny.
I guess I'm in America.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"I" talk

We had a good one-hour chat with MOM today. She told us what she learned from the class that she attended today.

"I" talk. It means to take in charge of oneself. Do not be influenced by "you are ..." or, "you always..." But boldly say "I feel ..." or "I want..."
I thought that is so true and simple but I forget it sometimes and look for excuses on "someone did..."

In addition to the learning, she looked fabulous today. She smiled, slept well last night, therefore, we had a great time.

Just a little report but she is doing great.