Sunday, January 17, 2010

4 bowls of love

MOM has been cooking more since we started school/internship. Last Tuesday, she made delicious enchiladas but she had to pour the source and the enchiladas four times to find a pan, just right size. Last week, she had been gone a lot with her cousin and relatives on her side.

Tonight, Aunt Anna (always so sweet) invited all for pancake night. Aunt Rachel gave a lesson about scriptures and she suggested an activity, in which we picked a story/parable from the scriptures and did skit. I was bad thief with Aunt Rachel, Grandma was a dramatic poor Jews, grandpa was a good Samaritan, and David was a narrator (New Testament). MOM was Esther, Sam was Mordecai, Uncle Bernell was a king and Aunt Anna was Hyman (OT). And the Smith played Nephi's family (BOM). I loved how MOM(Esther) said "such a time as this" with clear and stunning voice.

It's always fun to get together.

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